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Which mind-set are you – Heads or Tails?

Businessman flipping a coinA favourite saying for you!.. “There are two sides to every coin” if you were to view your mind-set as this coin, which side are you on right now – Heads or Tails?

On one side (Tails), you believe that you cannot do any better, you are not capable, you need luck, and you might even say good things never happen to me. However, on the other side (Heads), you believe you can achieve more, you can improve, and might even say I prefer to see the glass half full.

Which side are you on right now? Whichever side you find yourself on, you will need determination and belief to either change or sustain your mindset. There are many factors that affect or influence your mindset like: fear of change, what others say or might say, what you have experienced, who we see as our role models. You may have left school without any or enough academic qualifications, or maybe you just believe you are not worthy. All these influences can stop you achieving, or on the flip side can be motivators to positive change.

From time to time we all find ourselves on either side of the coin, so in order to achieve the things we want in life we all have to take responsibility and find a way to achieve our full potential. With the right mindset, determination and belief you can create the future you want. I hope to see you on the flip side, so HEADS up! 🙂

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