Teaching Individuals to Refine Their Personal and Professional Goals

Rodney Jack Senior Sourcing Specialist
Donna helped me to look at potential stumbling blocks and areas of concern and taught me how to turn these areas of personal concern into opportunities for learning and development. This helped me to change my perspective and changed the way I looked at challenges at work. Seeing the issues/problems from a different angle recognizing areas for improvement and working on an individual career action plan to not only develop but also allowed me to continually monitor my progress.

Donna supported me in showing me the tools that are there to help me in my career progression and was always there as an “ear” a listener which enabled me to seek expert opinion and advice.

Applying her interpersonal skills I have seen Donna taking the time to help others and provide invaluable feedback and coaching/mentoring time. For example, where others stop at the interview and the day job/responsibility, e.g. Donna goes the extra mile and provides constructive feedback to interview applicants so that they can strengthen in areas where they may have fallen short.

Kavita Naran Learning and Development Coordinator

I required Donna’s support and coaching for a number of reasons, mainly on confidence building as my day to day job was primarily being the first point of contact and a large percentage of my time was meeting with new colleagues and suppliers. Donna’s support helped me to become more confident in day to day dealings at work as well as in my personal life. I feel more open and confident in approaching any problem or obstacles placed in front of me.

Donna helped me build on day to day skills on confidence. Exposure to different people and situations as well, which encouraged me to approach anyone with anything. Having certain objectives set in the workplace, Donna’s coaching blended in with confidence building tools which helped me to achieve these by completing tasks one by one and having time aside for reflection as well. The skills learnt in my coaching sessions have truly been an element of my life I will utilise always.

Donna has her own style of approaching and talking to people and whether it is talking to colleagues by encouraging them or to family and friends. Her tone and patience with others I find is key in understanding them, not just helping them out in problem situations but praising them, giving them confidence and the belief that they are competent individuals.

Ambika Mitra HCM Senior Consultant

I remember meeting with Donna as our previous organisation’s Talent & Organisational Capability Consultant.

During the training sessions she came across as a professional who understood the business and its intricacies well.

Her personable, affectionate yet professional attitude helped break the ice among the participants and turned the session into an interactive and enjoyable experience.

I find her trustworthy and someone who could help one understand and prioritise their professional/personal goals without making them lose focus from the end game.

I would definitely recommend Donna as a personal / professional coach and wish her all the best in her endeavours.

Jason Hope Global Service Desk Manager

Successful Promotion

Donna helped me tackle some major career setbacks and challenges!  Her warm, professional and supportive approach coupled with her knowledge and expertise enabled me to focus on the end game and helped me to set clear objectives and realistic goals!

Via a variety of engaging methods and thought process techniques Donna gave me the confidence and self-belief to pursue and achieve the next chapter in my career.   I honestly believe working with Donna has been instrumental in my recent promotion and step-up into Global Management!

I would have no hesitation in recommending and endorsing Donna as an excellent Career and Life Coach.

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