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What Footprints Have You Left in the Sand?

OnYourMark300Whether or not you are going to commit to turn your ideas into actions this year, I want to share some tips to help you reflect on your footprints along the way in five steps:

1. Start by reflecting on what you did last year what you did well and what you enjoyed. Even though you might have found some aspects challenging, ultimately it is likely that you found it to be an overall positive experience. Remember, sometimes the most difficult things we have to do brings out our strengths.

Download and use my complimentary gift to you, Anchoring Your Aspirations and Achievements, to keep a record your footprints, and celebrate your achievements. When we are caught up in the moment, we don’t always look at what we do well, but can sometimes find it easier to focus on what we do wrong. Celebrating positive things will give you a greater sense of achievement and motivation to overcome what didn’t go as well as we expect. Don’t let mistakes hold you back – instead learn from them. Stay positive and gain the ‘can do’ attitude, but not in one big leap – just one step at a time. Once you gain confidence the momentum will follow, and then you can move forward in leaps and bounds!

2. After reflecting on last year, I suggest now is the time to start thinking about the things you want to work on and achieve this year. Keep it simple – it could be something you have been putting off for a long while, or a new idea that you thought of very recently. Most importantly it should be reachable for you to achieve over a period of time. Don’t make your expectations too high – remember small steps forward will keep a realistic view on reaching your end goal.

3. Once you have laid the foundations for your ideas, it’s time to track your progress by using the Anchoring Your Aspirations and Achievements free download to record some further substance to YOUR commitments. Start by asking yourself:

  • How will I achieve this? What steps do I need to take to reach my goal, what hurdles do I expect to meet, and how will I overcome them to get to the finish line?
  • How will I know when I have achieved each step? When I reach my end goal, what is the reward?
  • How long do I anticipate it will take to reach my goal? What deadline should I set?
  • Who will I ask for help, support and guidance?

4. Then think about the support and guidance you need to grow and learn. How committed are you to finally making your aspirations a reality? Sometimes we put off or delay what we really want to do for a variety of reasons. For instance, it could be that you have been working for the same company for a number of years and feel your current role is no longer giving you the career satisfaction you enjoy; to start a family of your own; to support a family member; or maybe you didn’t feel ready. Whatever your reasons for not pursuing that support maybe now is the time to consider working with someone like a coach who can offer unbiased support to help you move forward. Take advantage of my complimentary Coaching Clarity call to find out how we might be able to work together. Click here to get started.

5. Then after achieving some or all of the things you wanted to do, it’s time to celebrate all your hard work, and reap the benefits. Then share your success and new-found confidence (and possibly wealth) with friends, family and colleagues!

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