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Setting your Goals and Objectives


This week I wanted to share with you how to set your goals for the things you would like to achieve for this year.Vector SMART Concept


Firstly you need to identify and write down the things you want to achieve. When doing this try not to make it complicate keep it S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) to set your personal and professional goals.


 Specific – Simple, Clear, and concise. To make your objective specific you should consider;

ü  What: What do I want to achieve?

ü  Why: Specific reasons, purpose or benefits of achieving your goal?

ü  Who: Who is involved? Who do you need to help you?

ü  Where: Identify a location. Where do you need to be?

ü  Which: Identify prerequisites and limitations.


Measurable – focus conditions you need to use, to measure your progress when working towards your goals. If your goal is measurable you should be able to answer the following questions;

ü  How much?

ü  How many?

ü  How will I know when it is accomplished?

ü  Markers should be quantifiable


Achievable – On identifying your goals you should begin by finding ways to achieve them, you might have to consider development possibilities, skills and any cost. This will help you identify other opportunities or requirements needed to achieve your goals. If your goal is achievable you should be able to answer these questions;

ü  How can you achieve it?

ü  Is it possible?


Realistic – Is it consistent and in-line with what you want to do? If this goal supports and align with other goals it would be relevant. If your goal is realistic you should be able to answer the following questions;

ü  Does this seem meaningful?

ü  Is the time right for you?

ü  Does it meet your ability and requirements?

ü  Is it right for you?

ü  Is it adaptable to your environment?


Timely – Set a completion date, this will help to give you focus and will give you a sense of urgency to meet your deadline. If your goal is timely you should be able to answer the following questions;

ü  By when?

ü  Are there any review dates?

ü  What can I do in the next three, six months

ü  What can I do now?


To find out how to log/record your goals and objectives look out for the next newsletter in the series.


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